Heaps Health Solutions raises USD 7.45 million in Series A round

Artificial intelligence-driven healthtech startup Heaps Health Solutions has raised USD 7.45 million in Series A funding round led by NVS Wealth Managers. Heaps, a network-as-a-service provider that offers AI-based patient engagement platforms to insurers, hospitals and corporations.

Backing up startups: Everything that you need to know about Angel Investing

With creative startups in the market, being an angel investor is something of a trend. With a slump in real estate and a change in risk appetite, angels are looking beyond the traditional asset classes of real estate and public equities. Becoming a clever angel though, is essentially different. Diving into early-stage investing has its pros and cons like other asset classes too. Investing in newborn companies is a risk. They are yet to prove themselves to the world, and you definitely cannot risk your money that easily.