In the world of entrepreneurship, it is undeniable that working alone is not only synonymous to less productivity; it also means limiting your chances of success.

Clearly, you can’t get through your startup phase when it’s only you who’s moving. You’ll eventually need help from the people around you- and that’s where the word “teamwork” comes in.

For some, teamwork might only mean doing the same thing or dividing work equally- but in a frequently changing world where competition is always present, these definitions are never enough, and will never be.

Teamwork is more than all of that. It’s not just something that you can say you and your men have. It demands to be seen and felt. This means that teamwork is the sense of unity despite differences, working together as one to achieve the same goal; that very same bond which drives people to do their best at work, therefore beating all obstacles and producing the highest quality of output in the most efficient manner.

When teamwork is present, flexibility also increases. Your company’s response to possible changes would be smooth and strong. It gives the workplace a sense of achievement and camaraderie. This will lead to higher productivity and efficiency. It will keep everyone motivated to accomplish their tasks to the best of their abilities.

This also prevents you from losing any of your people. Bear in mind that when someone leaves your company, that person takes all of her newly-found strengths and skills with her. Yes, you may find another person to replace her spot, but training the new hire to do so takes time.

In the process, productivity suffers.

A great sense of belongingness makes a person stay- and since teamwork is the glue that bonds people together, this means that a stronger sense of teamwork increases employee retention.

Teamwork definitely makes a huge difference when observed. The question is…how do you achieve it?

As their employer, you are a great factor for teamwork to occur. In fact, it is your responsibility to inspire your people to work as one- not only for your business, but also for the betterment of your employees. Here are some techniques that you can work with to promote teamwork within your workplace :

  • Make your people feel loved, trusted, and valued. This is by far, the most effective way to spread the vibes of teamwork around. Ask for their ideas. Acknowledging that your business will never survive without them is a sure fire way to motivate your people to do more than what they could. Assign them tasks, and let them know that you gave it to them because you trust them to accomplish it within your given time, or even earlier. Make them understand how important they are, and their roles are in meeting your company’s goals. Making them feel valued will also sharpen their willingness to do their best at all times, and will make them feel that they don’t want to disappoint you and let you down. Don’t forget to give them positive feedbacks and credits, too.
  • Set clear instructions. Work is definitely lighter and achievable when everyone understands what they are about to do and how to do it. When assigning tasks, make sure that they perfectly understood what you meant so that they can do their jobs correctly. This will not only lessen the tendencies of employer-employee conflicts, but will also make them understand how crucial their roles are on your road to success.
  • Have fun. Help them get to know each other in a fun and entertaining way. Conduct company dinners, business trips, and other team-building activities. This will make them adjust to each other’s personalities and eventually work together despite their differences.

With all these tips carefully observed, your company will surely improve in no time. Always encourage teamwork to ensure success. Remember, more heads will always be better than one.