How old is too old to start a business? Being in your mid 30s qualifies you as a late bloomer? Is it better to be an early achiever or a late bloomer? That’s the same as asking if it is better to start Facebook at 19 or IBM at 61? For the world at large it does not matter. Perhaps Facebook could never happen if IBM did not exist. Life goes on longer than you may think it does. Most people don’t achieve “success” e.g. financial, career, social stability until their 30’s. Until then you really don’t even know who you are or what you truly value from life.

Many people look back later in life and say “I wish I had” and this is the difference between a normal individual and a successful entrepreneur. When it comes to launching a business, what a person may lack in youthful energy comes back multiplied in experience. With this belief Gurcharan founded LogixGrid in year 2011. Gurcharan hails from logistics background and leveraged years of industry experience to provide customer oriented service solutions through technology infrastructure.

Gurcharan always wanted to do something about which he was passionate. Coming from an employment sector, the flexibility of work and awareness of how he could help the logistic sector grow inspired him to kick start his own venture. Being a veteran of the logistic sector he identified business opportunities and grabbed them to his advantage.

As per Gurcharan “Ideas are the currency of life”. The person who is able to come up with ideas constantly has the most potential to create wealth in business. However it does not stop here. You need to be a firm believer of your own idea. Entrepreneurship isn’t an easy money making machine. It requires a lot of patience, confidence and family support. To Gurcharan’s advantage he is blessed with all of these.

Also an important element of his success has been his team with whom he has been working. Over a period of time he has learned to collaborate with his team to achieve bigger results in less time. With the right team he has been able to go the extra mile to foster solid relationships and achieve success along the way. With this he was able to expand business across India, Middle East, Africa and USA.

Starting a new business is a daunting prospect for many seniors to embark upon, which for many would be uncharted territory. Experience teaches one on how to plan and mitigate risks. At an age when you have gained experience, you have a better appetite for risk taking. It is best to be practical, have your homework done properly and create the capability in yourself to run your own business successfully.