Now that you have the perfect ideas in mind, it’s time to start your journey to success.

Getting all prepped up with financial assistance and stability is great, but with all the competition around, money is just not enough. There will be a lot of challenges ahead, and you definitely have a long way to go before reaching that sweet taste of victory.

For some, teamwork might only mean doing the same thing or dividing work equally- but in a frequently changing world where competition is always present, these definitions are never enough, and will never be.

No matter how prepared you are for all the bumps that you’re about to face, it’s undeniable that being a newbie in the world of business makes you less experienced than others, thus, making you less knowledgeable and less prepared. You’ll have to make decisions in the future that would ultimately affect your business and your employees.

The good news is you don’t have to go through all that trouble alone.

There are people who have been tread that road earlier. Their expertise can help you with various unexpected, and unavoidable situations- whether these involve business strategies, work-life balance, marketing techniques, managing human resources, or even navigating on current problems; they have the perfect solution for you. Their years of experience pushed them to grow more, eventually turning them into the successful people that they are today. They are the ones who can give you the best advice and guidance that you need. They are your mentors.

There are a lot of well-established individuals today who are keen to mentor and help start-ups, so finding the perfect mentor for you is like looking for the missing piece of the puzzle. But don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered for you in just 3 steps:

  • Write down what you want from a mentor. Your list will make it incredibly easy for you to find the perfect fit. You have to list down your expectations – aside from a personality that would match yours, what else do you want from him or her? Do you want someone who can specifically teach you about a certain industry? Getting a clear picture of the mentor that would add value would help you find the right person to trust with your business.
  • Search for the right person, and meet him or her as soon as possible. This one’s a given, but there’s definitely more to it. There are a lot of ways on how you can search for the “one.” Meet people in the network, attend conferences and events, utilize the bubbling accelerator and incubator initiatives and utilize organizations that are pushing entrepreneurship as a cause.
  • Make yourself clear and start building a happy and professional relationship. When you finally have the ideal mentor, you need to make him or her understand everything that you’ve got in step 1. Tell your mentor about your aspirations and expectations, and just about everything that you want him or her to take note of. Be sure to develop a good relationship with him or her. Your comfort with each other will determine the amount of progress that the two of you can make.

Once the ball is rolling, start prioritizing and attending to details. You must keep in mind that a mentor is there to help you solve your company’s issues and eventually mould you into a successful entrepreneur, but you are still the one in charge of running your own company. The ultimate decision maker is still the founder of the company, and so are the mistakes that come along with it. Work hand in hand with your chosen mentor and start your way to success!