How old is too old to start a business? Being in your mid 30s qualifies you as a late bloomer? Is it better to be an early achiever or a late bloomer? That’s the same as asking if it is better to start Facebook at 19 or IBM at 61? For the world at large it does not matter. Perhaps Facebook could never happen if IBM did not exist. Life goes on longer than you may think it does. Most people don’t achieve “success” e.g. financial, career, social stability until their 30’s. Until then you really don’t even know who you are or what you truly value from life.

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about selling things; it’s about finding innovative ways to improve people’s lives. New generation of entrepreneurs are using approaches from the commercial world and employing technology to tackle social and environmental problems. Responsible entrepreneurs are those who grow businesses, ensuring stakeholder success and are conscious of how they do business ethically. They are the people who bring new business ideas and fulfill the promise of entrepreneurship by contributing towards creation of a better world.