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Equity: In – A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Investing in Indian Equity Markets by Anshuman Khanna, Director ANG Group

Written in a simple, conversational style the book takes a step by step approach to the investment methodology recommended by the author and also makes use of case studies of actual Indian companies, showcasing the financials and valuation of such companies as well as the performance of the stock prices in the given period of time with charts and tables.The book covers aspects regarding portfolio allocation, timing the markets and trading strategies, highlighting a plethora of tips, ideas and sure-shot investment picks.

Drawing insights from his personal and professional journey, the author makes use of case studies of actual Indian companies to illustrate application of the approach and tells the reader how to identify and value investment worthy stocks and at the same time elucidates on the factors which should not be made the basis of decisions regarding investment in particular stocks. Targeted to those who want to learn more about the equity market and investing in India, the book is an ideal read.

About the Author:

Anshuman Khanna is a Chartered Account and a Lawyer by qualification with over fifteen years’ experience in Indian corporate arena, having worked with CA and law firms in the initial stages of his career. He is one of the promoter directors of ANG Group and founding directors of Enablers.
Anshuman also has extensive experience in investing across asset classes including listed equities, private equity, real estate, commodities and art.

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