Inviting the most innovative and disruptive startups, along with executives from some of the top corporations, government agencies, incubators, investors, HNIs, VC funds, banks, students and technology companies across the world, the World Startup expo is a 3-day exhibition, a 2-day conference session, an awards evening and a hackathon.

Entrepreneurs show the rest of the community a prototype of the product they’ve been working on or a new feature. This is a great opportunity to get to understand what the startups in Mumbai are up to, give feedback, advice and learn what mistakes to avoid. The presentations/ demos will be followed by five minutes to answer questions from the audience and hear their valuable feedback.

NVIDIA, the world leader in AI computing, is holding its first Emerging Companies Summit (ECS) in India, where it will feature 20 startups using GPU technology to drive forward the technology mega-trends of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles and robotics. The startups participating in ECS will compete for recognition and USD 200,000 in in-kind prizes, which will be awarded to the top two teams identified by a jury. They will present their ideas at a dedicated demo pod and be able to interact with global technology investors scouting for the best ideas powered by GPU computing. The program includes…

This Summit, in partnership with the leading agencies of the Government of India, 20+ TiE chapters from India, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Dubai, and global venture capital funds will be the largest such conference for entrepreneurs anywhere in the world. Entrepreneurs have to opportunity to network, get mentored, compete for angel funding, talk one-on-one with venture capitalists, and make meaningful connections with clients, mentors, investors and partners.

Digital marketing firm Mogae Media Pvt Ltd has acquired personalized video platform Ao1 from ad-veteran Ashish Dabral, a former chief executive of Dentsu Marcom, in a share-swap deal. As a part of the acquisition, Mogae Media will have full ownership of the video platform and will provide funds for its development. Dabral will join the digital media company as executive director.