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Deccan Chronicle

Startups to Modi: Make it easier to do business

Date of Publication: 16-Jan-2016

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the Silicon Valley in the U.S. last year to interact with the entrepreneurs there has paid off as it has created several links between Indian and American entrepreneurs.

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Tech In Asia

Investors, term sheets scaring you to death? This investment banker will find you money and help you keep it

Date of Publication: 09-Jan-2016

If you’re an entrepreneur, what’s your biggest nightmare? That your billion-dollar idea is really a dud? That your investors paint you in a corner with a convoluted term sheet? Or that despite having a great idea, you simply never find the investor of your dreams?

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WowTables, listed on Enablers, featured on Yourstory (June)

Date of Publication: 02-June-2015

Imagine dining out at one of the most picturesque restaurants for that cherished dinner. The ambience is fine as is the soothing music. Amidst all this, are you unable to decide on a menu for yourself? Let WowTables help you.

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FindYahan, listed on Enablers, raises second round of funding from the Phoenix Fund

Date of Publication: 22-April-2015

FindYahan, a hyper local marketplace for services has raised its second round of funding from The Phoenix Fund. FindYahan has created a platform that connects skilled individuals and home businesses to their target customers. The funds raised will be used to further grow the team and strengthen operations and technology for enhancing customer service & experience.

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MSM Box, listed on Enablers, raises undisclosed amount in seed funding

Date of Publication: 17-August-2015

Delhi-based MSM Box, a curated platform that offers beauty products on a subscription model, has raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding from angel investor Rohit Goel. World One Retail Pvt Ltd, which runs MSM Box, will use the money to ramp up its technology infrastructure, scale product development and support overall expansion.

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