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Inventus India, IAN Fund back local discovery platform LBB

Iluminar Media Pvt Ltd, which owns and operates curated local discovery and e-commerce platform Little Black Book (LBB), has raised USD 5 million in a Series A round of funding led by investment firms Inventus India and IAN Fund.

Sequoia Capital backs Smallcase, Turtlemint

Sequoia Capital is backing personal investment platform Smallcase and insurance portal Turtlemint

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How investments and funding are drying up in the industry

Date of Publication: 21-June-2016

The sector requires filtration at various stages of funding to judge and filter out non-visionary start-up ideas. It is also an opportunity to let Darwin’s old theory of “survival of the fittest” play out.

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As angels gain wing, so do investing platforms

Date of Publication: 14-June-2016

An early-stage startup usually struggles to raise funds. Founders typically have to run after multiple angel investors, spend considerable time and effort explaining the idea, and negotiate with investors on the termsheet, the formal agreement stating the terms and conditions of the investment.

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Date of Publication:01-Mar-2016

A budget centered around inclusive growth with focus on rural India, agriculture, health and education. However, the real challenge lies in the execution.

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