This Membership Agreement is between ‘you’ as (the ‘Enablers Member’) and ‘we’ / ‘us’ as Facilitator.

Mutual covenants set forth herein constitute the consideration for the Agreement. Once you are a Enablers Member, it is deemed that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of the Agreement which relate to your use of the ‘Enablers Platform’ in accordance with the applicable terms and policies.

You agree that the execution of this Agreement, and all of the other activities that would be conducted through the Enablers Platform, with you, take place in New Delhi regardless of where you may be physically located at the time you use the Enablers Platform or otherwise engage with us.

The Membership Agreement shall be deemed to have commenced once you click on the ‘I Agree’ button on the registration page at the time of registering on the Enablers Platform.

Membership Privileges

  1. You become a ‘Enablers Member’ once you receive a confirmation email about your successful registration on the Enablers Platform. As a Enablers Member, you are entitled to access the Listing, which allows you to peruse the information as available in the Listing. Please note that Enablers Platform does not take ownership or responsibility of the contents of the Listing.
  2. Once an Intended Investor expresses an interest in any Listing, the Facilitator shall proceed in accordance with the terms of Engagement Letter with the Entrepreneur and establish connection between the Entrepreneur and the Intended Investor.
  3. You may register as an Intended Investor and as an Entrepreneur at the same time or at different times.
  4. An Entrepreneur is entitled to more than one Listing at the same time. However, the process of each Listing will be handled separately. The Intended Investor may express interest in more than one Listing at the same time.
  5. You are entitled to withdraw from the membership at any-time by deleting your account from the Enablers Platform. Such withdrawal shall not entitle you to any payment or refund, and shall be at your sole consequence. And upon such termination this Agreement shall terminate, and neither you nor we shall continue to be bound by its provisions.

Facilitator privileges

  1. The Facilitator may require further information from the Entrepreneur before approving a Listing or may decide, in its sole discretion not to approve any submission for listing on the Enablers Platform.
  2. The Facilitator may, in its sole discretion, from time to time, modify the terms of the Agreement. Any such modification shall be notified to the Member vide email ID available in the registration form, and the updated Agreement shall also be available on the Enablers Platform.
  3. Members will be informed with information on any commercial, advertising or promotional activities offered by Enablers Platform. The content of such advertising and promotional activities may be provided by external advertising agents or product suppliers, so Enablers Platform will not be responsible for content.
  4. Enablers Platform server may leave a cookie file in the Member’s system when the Member visits the Enablers Platform. The purpose of this is to record information, which the Member has browsed previously, so when the Member visits the Enablers Platform again, the Enablers Platform will provide the Member with much more personalised services. You can choose, below, not to allow cookies. If you do, we can’t guarantee that your experience with the Enablers Platform will be as good as if you do allow cookies.
  5. Although most of the content contained on the Enablers Platform is created by our staff and senior management, there are, at times, reasonable and desirable needs for links to and from Enablers Platform outside the span of control of Enablers Platform.
  6. The Facilitator may suspend or terminate your membership to the Enablers Platform where circumstances so require. Such circumstances may include your using the Enablers Platform in any way:
    1. That causes, or is likely to cause, the Enablers Platform or access to it to be interrupted or damaged in any way;
    2. For fraudulent purposes, or in the connection with a criminal offence;
    3. To send, use or reuse any material that is illegal, offensive, abusive, indecent, defamatory, obscene or menacing, is otherwise injurious to third parties or which consists of or contained software viruses, political campaigning, commercial solicitation, chain letters, mass mailings or any spam or;
    4. To cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety or; and
    5. Which gives rise or may give rise to criminal or other liability on our part.


  1. You shall be liable to us for any loss or damage suffered by us as a result of any breach of this Agreement or any other agreement which you enter into with us, or of any use of the Enablers Platform that is fraudulent or represents willful misconduct.
  2. The Agreement contains the entire arrangement between the Parties with respect to the subject matter contained herein and nothing contained elsewhere in the Enablers Platform shall have any bearing with respect to the contents of the Listings or the rights of the Enablers Member.
  3. Information provided on the Enablers Platform shall not be construed as advice, whether with respect to any transaction conducted through the Enablers Platform. Any information set forth under a Listing shall not be construed as an assurance.
  4. Our approval for putting up of a Listing should not be construed as a recommendation of the same.
  5. Content for a Listing appearing on the Enablers Platform is based on the information provided by the member(s), and while we take reasonable care while reviewing such content, we shall not be liable if we fail to identify forged or altered information.
  6. We may, from time to time, send you e-mails with information regarding new Listings and progress of the existing ones. Such e-mails do not constitute advice or a recommendation to invest.
  7. If you believe any term of use contained in the Agreement is unfair or would have anti-competitive effect, please report it to us along with reasons by sending an e-mail to].
  8. This Agreement shall not be construed so as to create a partnership or joint venture between you and us.
  9. When accessing the Enablers Platform, you will need to self-prepare all internet connection items like PC system, peripherals and software plus other internet connection charges.
  10. Uploading of content:
    1. When uploading, posting, delivering and transmitting from and/or onto the Enablers Platform, you shall be fully responsible for the content involved.
    2. You shall not publicize, upload, post, send, and/or transmit any content which illegal, indecent, fraudulent, damaging, infectious, discriminatory, or affects others rights and/or intellectual property.
    3. You agree to voluntarily take any unexpected risk involved while using the Enablers Platform or any part thereof.
  11. Privacy
    1. You will be responsible for the security of your personal login names, passwords and other relevant personal details.
    2. You will be fully responsible for accessing your own user account on the Enablers Platform.
    3. You are prohibited to give or share your password or credit card details with any third party. If there are reports on vandalism of credit account, please contact the webmaster of the Enablers Platform online immediately.
  12. Members and Data Safety
    1. Facilitator will not disclose Member’s personal information in any form without Member’s prior consent. Provided that the following situations will not apply to this condition:
      1. Required by laws and regulations.
      2. Order or direction by a court or governmental authority.
      3. If permitted under this Agreement.
    2. For any personal information provided by you, you agree that the Facilitator and Facilitator related enterprises or partners make use of them. Including without limitation collecting, processing, restoring and transmitting for information retrieval, service, statistical analysis, or study, research and other legal purposes.
    3. Although Facilitator will protect your personal information, however, there may be loopholes for information processing on the Internet. You agree to take the risks themselves inherent with online data transmission.
  13. We as ‘facilitator’ will not be liable for any exchange or any consequences arising out of the use of the Enablers Platform.


  1. Intellectual Properties. Title to and interest in any logos, images, photos, files, illustrations, software, or relevant information appearing in the Enablers Platform, its intellectual properties belong to the Facilitator or its source provider. You shall not duplicate, reproduce, transfer, modify or edit in any way for any third party or individual benefits without prior consent of Facilitator.
    By signing this Agreement you authorize us to disclose the contents of your Listing to third parties, and that we have a right to reproduce the same and enforce obligation of confidentiality against person(s) having access thereto.
  2. Termination. If you do not login to you Enablers Platform account for [insert time period], your membership shall stand expired and upon such expiration, this Agreement shall terminate, and neither you nor we shall continue to be bound by its provisions.
  3. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable by any court or any other competent authority, the other provisions of this Agreement shall continue to be valid.
  4. Any dispute or claim arising out of this Agreement or in connection with it thereof shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of India.
  5. You are required to abide by all related laws in the Republic of India and other internet standards and formalities. In executing this Agreement, you agree that all of the activities that we conduct with you take place within New Delhi, regardless of where you may be physically located at the time you use the Enablers Platform or otherwise engage with us.


In this Agreement the following capitalised terms shall, unless repugnant to the context or meaning thereof, have the respective meanings ascribed to them below. Other terms are defined in the context in which they appear in this Agreement:
‘Agreement’ means this Membership Agreement together with all schedules, appendices and annexure hereto as from time to time supplemented, modified or replaced as provided for herein.
‘Enablers Member’ means Entrepreneur and the Intended Investors who have agreed to be the members of Enablers by registering on Enabler platform.
‘Entrepreneur’ means, Enabler Platform member who has successfully registered with the Enablers Platform for seeking professional services in raising the funds for their company..
‘Facilitator’ means M/s Value Prolific Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. (‘ValPro’), CIN U74140DL2005PTC139018, having registered office at F-45, Bhagat Singh Market, New Delhi – 110001.
‘Intended Investor’ means a Enablers Platform member who has successfully registered with the Enablers Platform and whom we have authorised to act as an investor.
‘Listings’ means a listing summary and/or detailed listing for a business, which you would be able to view upon logging onto the Enablers Platform.
‘Parties’ means collectively the Facilitator and the Member, and where the Member is a judicial entity, its successors in interest.
‘Enablers Platform’ means with respect to the Facilitator, the Platform hosted at, including all sub-domains thereof.