E-Fest, “The Entrepreneurship Festival” is Pune’s largest E-Fest organised by COEP. The event helps students to be at the helm of the startup revolution, to induce an entrepreneurial mind-set in the students and support the innovative streak in them

The 100th edition puts together a brilliant panel discussion with startup veterans, and keynotes from one of the biggest names in the ecosystem.The event will bring together 25+ speakers from the cadre of marquee investors, serial entrepreneurs and domain experts from diverse backgrounds to share their views and opinions. There are various initiaves that like Kickstart where applications from all across India are invited for pitching their idea to a group of 10 to 15 of the biggest investors

Introducing The Pitch Room, a unique opportunity to pitch one-to-one to investors & VCs. Fill out the application form. 10 shortlisted Startups to be pitching at the final event. Every Startup will get 15 minutes to pitch their project to 10 investors in closed rooms

Eduwhiz brings Startup Founders & Investors 3.0, an opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their business plan to investors and get expert guidance from mentors. Shortlisted startups have the opportunity to pitch to investors followed by a Q&A session with the panellists and audience. The event is a great chance to network and interact with some of the leading industry experts

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