Stepup 360 hosts a series of meetups, investor sessions, mentorship programmes, pitch sessions, and more across the lengths and breadths of the country. The sessions encourage networking between some of the most sorted and experienced industry professionals, policy makers, technologists, marketing gurus, and investors giving startups an opportunity to interact the industry’s best.

Cypher is Analytics India magazine’s flagship annual analytics summit. The second edition of Cypher, event is dedicated to the analytics industry in the country and would consist of delegates from across the country including data scientists, analytics professionals, chief analytics officers, head of analytics, analytics startups, VCs and analytics aspirants

With a very hands-on approach, this 3 hour hackathon will help you to actually work on the tools & techniques required to project the pre-money & post-money valuations for your startup. The primary focus will be on financial valuations for seed, angel & VC rounds. The event is targeted at startup founders & entrepreneurs who are looking to raise money from angel investors or seed or VC firms.

Startup Meet allows early stage tech startups to participate and pitch. Entrepreneurs can learn and receive valuable feedback from experts and investors and be on the watch list for funding. The event provides a great platform to network with other founders and market products among the audience.

Early Stage Startup Collaboration” meetups, connect investors to early stage startups. Each startup is given 10-15 minutes for their sales pitch with an Investor or an investor representative. At the end of 15 minutes the investor may choose to get connected further after the event if interested or pass the startup. After 15 minutes the startup moves to another Investor. Not all startups would pitch to all investors, based on startup’s business sector; a startup would get to pitch to 5- 10 investors.